Oilfield logistics.
But better.

Save time and money managing logistics
with the Payload app.

The oilfield logistics you know. But better.
With Payload.

Payload saves time in the field, brings transparency to head office, and keeps service providers on track.


Get It

Quickly order what you need from the vendors you know and trust, or easily send a bid to qualified vendors in your area.


Track It

See real-time status of all your orders in one place. Be notified of any changes that might affect your timeline or budget.


Check It

See what’s changed in real time with our online audit trail, which also saves time processing invoices.

It’s simple. Save time and money.

Manage all your logistics in one place, in real time, with no lost or missed tickets. Less paperwork means you can get back to the “real” work.

See who is getting your business and why. Get a clear view of market pricing and vendor performance. See your true costs with our online audit trail.


My goal with Payload is to streamline logistics for everyone, from the team at the site up to the CEO, as well as for their carriers and service providers.

David Werklund

David is the Founder of Payload. Prior to Payload, he founded a number of other oil and gas ventures, including Tervita.

Payload was built for service providers, too.

Use Payload to see where the business is and where it’s going. Our mobile app tracks changes and performance in real time — and helps reduce disputes and delays in getting paid.

Payload is simple and easy to use on your phone or tablet, or from any browser.


Meet the leadership team.


David Werklund

Founder & Chairman

David has 50+ years’ experience building successful oil and gas companies. He has been inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame and the Calgary Business Hall of Fame. 


Sean Languedoc

Chief Executive Officer

Sean is a proven company-builder, having founded and led three successful software companies. He is focused on making it easy for the industry to embrace Payload as the standard.


Dean Skelton

Chief Technology Officer

Dean has 15+ years experience in designing and building easy to use software products and mobile applications, in both Canada and Silicon Valley.


Taylor Assaly

VP, Business Development

Taylor has oil and gas industry experience in transportation, logistics, drilling and materials management. He’s passionate about solving customer and industry problems.

We’re making Payload as easy to use as your favourite app on your phone, so you’ll want to use it.

Dean Skelton


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