Embedded Finance for Modern Platforms & Businesses

Automate inbound & outbound payments with an industry leading platform and be propelled into the future.

Automate any incoming or outgoing payment

A powerful, unified suite of
payment products

Accept Any Payment

Accept payments from any card or bank account in the U.S. and Canada

Send Any Payment

Send payments to individuals and other businesses

Custom Payment Links

Embed a white-labeled custom payment portal on your website

Fast and Dynamic Payouts

Same-day processing to multiple bank accounts

Subscription Payments

Setup one-time or recurring payment schedules & invoicing, including Autopay

Automate All Payments

Unified platforms to facilitate all payment methods including ACH, Card, RTP, Check21, and Push2Debit

Integrate with the next-generation Fintech API

Choose your integration level from a no-code/low-code to a deeply embedded payment experience using our robust API platform.

Fast & Easy Implementation

Innovative API design to simplify and speed up development.

Plug & Play UI Tools

Modular UI components for embedding payments into your application quickly and securely.

Deep Integrations for Platforms

Take full control of the user experience from onboarding to transaction processing & reconciliation.

import payload from 'payload-api'

const pl = payload.Session('your_api_key')

const payment = await pl.Payment.create({
  amount: 100.0,
  payment_method: pl.BankAccount({
    account_number: '1234567890',
    routing_number: '021000021',
    account_type: 'checking',

Security & Compliance Incorporated at Every Level

Robust fraud detection and risk management services come standard along with built-in tools to alleviate financial and data security compliance.

PCI, KYC and OFAC compliant

Built-in compliance tools

State-of-the-art Encryption

Secure, unidirectional, financial data security vault.

Risk Management Platform

Risk monitoring, analysis & detection and transaction flagging

Real-time Alerts

Like your credit card, Payload sends real-time alerts of suspicious activity

Flexible Pricing & Zero Cost Processing

Maximize revenue by allowing merchants to configure pricing that works for their businesses, options to pass card fees to payers, split fees, utilize level 3 data and volume discounts.