Our Mission is to Help Modern Businesses Grow Intelligently

At Payload, we understand that a payment platform acts as the power supply for any business. The more flexibly and efficiently that power is applied, the better a business will run. Consolidating, automating, and innovating on every aspect of the funds flow is critical to scaling modern businesses in today’s economy.

The Story

Reaching beyond payments...

Payload was founded in 2019 by fellow serial fintech entrepreneurs, Ian Halpern and Ryan Rybolt. After successfully exiting their previous companies, PlacePay and Infintech respectively, Ian and Ryan set out to build Payload with a vision of a new and more flexible type of fintech technology platform that transcends traditional payment API paradigms.

Today, Payload has grown quickly to meet the needs of countless platforms and businesses looking for a solution and a team that can help them design and scale for the future. With an agile team focused on every detail fueled by a constant strive for innovation, Payload continues to evolve and work with our partners to quickly realize the vision that we set out to build.

The Vision

A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.

These words by Jeff Duntemann serve as a guiding principle here at Payload. We constantly strive to deliver a platform that provides a simple streamlined integration for standard payment flows but can also serve as a gateway to new ideas and possibilities.

Over the past few years, integrated payment options have become much more limiting and rigid as the industry consolidates and the big players get larger and less nimble. Design paradigms from the early beginnings of payments are prevalent in existing payment platforms and that continues to dictate how we think about payments and funding capabilities.

Transaction pricing is not competitive for a wide array of use cases, and developers are growing frustrated with the lack of support and flexibility. Additionally, ACH payments have always been treated as a 2nd class citizen in the world of payments. This especially holds true in industries where check and wire payments remain popular and businesses are looking for ways to completely automate their varying funding flows with a unified electronic solution.

At Payload, we strive to push the limits of API design and rethink integrated payments from the ground up. Our mission is to deliver the most flexible solution for integrating and automating all types of payment and funding scenarios while reducing the burdens of PCI, KYC, and risk monitoring. Our promise is to deliver a secure, flexible, and fully integrated experience for both ACH and credit card payments and transfers.

The Founders

Ryan Rybolt headshot
Ryan Rybolt
Ian Halpern headshot
Ian Halpern