A word on Support

By Payload • September 7, 2020

In today’s fast-paced technological ecosystem the needs and demands of a business and its customers vary from day-to-day. When it comes to Oil and Gas—or to be more specific Oil and Gas Logistics—these needs not only vary greatly but are often time sensitive. While field users, administrators, and production accountants alike struggle to keep up with this ever-changing landscape, the need for reliable support to assist in leveraging new technology remains constant.

Not immune to the complexity of evolving landscapes are other essential partners in the ecosystem such as vendors or “service companies”. Trying to keep pace with their client’s demand for more insight and transparency while navigating a process that is currently very manual is challenging. Adding to that is the complexity of adopting new technology.

Enter Support!

With the right support tools in place technology adoption is much easier to navigate; the more you understand how users interact with the tool, the more the support tools can evolve to meet those needs and demands. Tools such as knowledge base platforms, videos, chat, phone support, and email are all necessary to cater to how different users access, learn, and digest information.

Payload’s Knowledge Base is a good example of an evolving support tool. What started out as a place to house answers to frequently asked questions and to provide clarity around how we define industry terms has evolved into a more user-focused repository of information. Incorporating functionality like article tags and a navigation pane make it easier to locate desired content, and more focused articles provide greater depth of knowledge to users.

And we are just getting started.

The more we understand our clients and how they use these reference tools, the more our knowledge base will evolve. The result? Our clients are now better equipped to fully utilize the Payload platform and can continue working with our technology with a high degree of confidence.

Not to be understated is the importance of being open to feedback and incorporating that feedback into support material. In fact, many of our knowledge base articles originated from user requests or questions. In doing so, we not only engage our users, but further substantiate our product. As innovation and adoption of new technologies presses on, so too must those who support it. We know support can never be perfect but that doesn’t mean it will stop us from trying.

In any business the need for support is clear and that need grows with time.

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