Another Reason the Trucking Industry Need to Evolve; History

By Payload • October 6, 2021


Paper processes, while long-standing and trusted, are limited in their ability and reliability. The advent of technology—despite its “slow but steady” adoption within the Oil and Gas industry—has highlighted shortcomings and inefficiencies in paper-based processes and workflows. As organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing demands and unpredictability of today’s fast-paced economy, paper is quickly becoming a less viable solution for sustainability and growth.


Some Background…

The transformation of Oil and Gas from the 18th century leading in the 19th century paved the way for an industry that would ultimately span across North America and beyond. This rapid growth, while welcome to entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals alike, would go on to expose shortcomings in the processes of moving oil and gas and oil and gas related products, as well as the documentation of said products; ergo “logistics”. Now in the throes of the 21st century, technology is charging forward on the oil patch, exposing solely paper-based processes as arduous and convoluted; often requiring overly complex routines and workflows


The Problem 

Paper can be easily misplaced or destroyed, can be cumbersome, and requires a large amount of overhead. Additionally, when it comes to shifting a business from paper to digital solutions, there is often trepidation experienced by management and other decision makers within an organization.  Fearing a new process, especially in light of government instruction is an understandable response to digital solutions.  Nevertheless, transitioning to a process that utilizes digitization and digitalization are much easier than one may think.  The advent of big technology, combined with innovation driven by competitive markets and aimed at increasing efficiencies, have reduced many aspects of society to “tap and go”.  With new digital solutions available, the same can be said of logistics.


So, “How do Companies Move Forward”?  We’re glad you asked.

Payload Technologies is an end-to-end easy-to-use digital solution revolutionizing Oil and Gas Logistics. Exploiting the benefits of digitalization and digitization, Payload has been able to successfully mirror paper-based processes and has brought them into the digital age.  Drivers use the Payload Mobile application to record their trips on digital “field tickets” which guide users through a succinct workflow that captures location information, volumetric information, attachments, and more. In the office, administrators, coordinators, PA’s and others utilize Payload’s web application to review, cost, and approve tickets for payment.


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