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  • 5 Reasons to Choose Payload to Automate your Real Estate Payments

5 Reasons to Choose Payload to Automate your Real Estate Payments

5 reasons to automate your real estate payments

Payload is a Payment Facilitator

Modern financial technology or ‘fintech’ platforms often depend on third party payment processors such as Dwolla, Forte, or Stripe, to facilitate the physical movement of money. While these processors can be reliable, fintech platforms lose control of the actual transaction and are ultimately at the mercy of their processing partner’s integration framework. This presents  limitations around pricing, onboarding, reporting capabilities and user experience customization. As a certified Payment Facilitator, Payload eliminates these barriers by processing all of its payments directly through all of the major payment rails including ACH, Real Time Payments, and all major card networks.

Single Source Payment Platform

Due to convenience and security advantages over legacy checks and wires, real estate companies are actively shifting to digital payment methods.  Fintech platforms have emerged to offer digital payment capabilities, but limited feature sets constrict usage to certain payment types, such as Earnest Money Deposits. For companies looking to minimize checks and wires should choose a platform capable of scaling to multiple payment workflows. Payload is the real estate industry’s only platform designed to automate ALL incoming or outgoing payment types, using all of the modern payment methods such as ACH, Real Time Payments, FedNow, credit, debit, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Check21.

Integration First

Real estate companies are inundated with technology systems. The common brokerage uses a complex mix of platforms that may include CRM, lead generation, website, transaction management, back office, and accounting systems. Introducing yet another platform undoubtedly presents training and roll-out challenges. Payload is an integration-first platform designed to plug-in to your existing technology and workflow, offering its users a fully embedded payment experience within the systems they already use.

Simple Payment Experience

To truly address the check and wire problem, the Payload team is hyper focused on simplifying the payment process to encourage maximum adoption. We’ve found that multi-step payment experiences which might involve app downloads, ‘signing up’ for an account, or logging into online banking to verify an account, is tedious and creates security concerns, directly impacting user adoption. Whether it’s a home buyer making a digital Earnest Money Deposit, an agent or client paying an invoice, or a real estate company sending outbound payments, transactions are completed in 1 simple and secure step.

Top Notch Security

Payload is a PCI Level 1 and soon-to-be SOC2 certified platform meaning we abide by and are certified for the highest level of data security available in the payments industry. All financial information is securely transferred via end-to-end encryption from your device to our PCI certified vault. Our platform undergoes rigorous penetration and vulnerability testing and scanning, and we develop proprietary machine learning and risk monitoring systems to keep you safe.

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