The future is paperless trucking.

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For Carriers looking to save money, work efficiently and reduce paperwork, digitizing the truck ticket process is a key step. PAYLOAD Carrier streamlines order to invoice in a single trucking logistics system.

How do you
do that?

Create transparency

By digitizing field tickets you gain real-time asset tracking.

Reduce paperwork and data entry

Automate tracking orders, field tickets and BOLs.

Streamline driver to office communication

Let drivers focus on driving with easy digital BOLs and regulatory manifest tools.

Discuss How

Carrier works

Carrier Web Application

Driver Mobile App

  1. Carrier creates an order & dispatches drivers.
  2. Drivers accept the order.
  3. Drivers complete BOL.
  4. Carrier verifies work done and confirms rates.
  5. Carrier generates & submits invoices.
  6. Carrier accesses built-in reporting and analytics.


Operational Efficiency
  • Less time spent costing tickets.
  • Increased invoice accuracy.
  • Built-in billing styles that match your MSAs.
  • Direct integration to producer invoicing software
  • Simplified fleet and equipment management.
  • Schedule reports to deliver relevant data to clients.
Workflow Management
  • Improved ability to verify work completed.
  • Easier and more accurate trip planning using the live map and ETAs.
  • Reduced paperwork for drivers with ticket and BOL details entered on mobile.
  • Real-time insight into driver hours of service.
Visibility and Control
  • Live tracking of assets.
  • Shortened dispute process with a complete audit trail.
  • Support environmental and safety goals with fuel consumption, load utilization, and carbon footprint reports.
  • Geofencing provides insight into field activity, verifying time-on-site and wait times.


The future is paperless trucking.

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