Continuous Improvement.

By Payload • September 9, 2020

There has been a lot of talk about continuous individual growth and how important it is to elevate your skillset in order to stay relevant and add value to your organization. The same is true for organizations. It is equally important for companies to look at how they are doing things and ask themselves if there is a way they could do the same job, more effectively. It’s not just about cost savings, but also about doing work differently and looking at your assets in a different way. One way to do this is through the adoption of new technology.

At Payload, we had a challenge and we turned to technology to address it. We collect a ton of fantastic data that our clients want access to so they can create their own efficiencies thereby lowering their operating costs. But the data reporting tool we were using was slow and hard to navigate and it took a long time to train new users. So, Payload evaluated new tools and switched to a faster, easy-to-use reporting tool that gave us and our clients the ability to dig into data, much faster and for less money. The money we saved was re-allocated into product development which ultimately benefits our clients.

At Payload, part of the value we add to our clients is the opportunity to create efficiencies by digitizing field operations and manifests for Oil & Gas companies. What is currently a manual paper process is all captured in an app. The result of which means no more lost field tickets or coffee stained manifests. Managing vendors is easy. Reporting is super easy and all the admin time and expense of tracking those paper field tickets and inputting them into an excel document is now eliminated. So, it’s understandable that improving how we deliver this data was high on the list of priorities.

So, while the prospect of adopting new technology might be a little daunting, the benefit of increased efficiencies and value – for both Payload and our clients – was absolutely worth it in the end.

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