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By Payload • March 11, 2021

Part 3 of our reporting blog series broadly titled “2021: The Year of Data Driven Change”.

This post is about Payload bringing even more value to our eManifest clients in the form of targeted reporting packages. There are seven reports designed to give users insight into the activities of their business and arm decision-makers with data to address inefficiencies, as well as streamline the audit preparation process. These reports will compliment the existing DDS report, Waste report, and Corporate Summary already available in the web app.

The new Essential reports are split into a set of three reports aimed at TDG form users and four reports aimed at AER Movement document users. These reports surface transactional data in easy-to-understand visualizations and tables so users can use their data to make informed decisions. Users should recognize many of the key data points represented including origins and destinations, transporters, commodities, and volumes/amounts. The data from any table or visualization is downloadable as Excel or CSV files and can be uploaded into your data management system or simply to scratch that analytical itch!

But what will this data look like? Good question!

KPIs are shown on all reports and provide a snapshot of operations through transactional data. Though many are straightforward like the ones above, there are some that provide greater insight through analytics, like this one:

This KPI helps a user quickly identify which waste code has the most cumulative variance between quantities shipped and received over a period of time. This KPI and others like it are critical to enabling management by exception, which is a key tenet of Payload’s reporting ethos.

Graphs like this donut chart help visualize data in a way that is meaningful to all users. Want to see which product is the most shipped in the last two weeks? Just log in, go to reporting, set the date filter, and look at the results! Data like this also gets users to start asking questions about their company and operations, which leads to the data being analyzed in different ways, new questions being developed, and so on. It leads to a cycle of operational improvement that will positively affect both the employee’s quality of life and the company’s bottom line!

Can you hear yourself ask “what are some questions this data can help me answer for my company?”.

Well, here are a few examples of question and answers that Payload’s Essential Reports can assist with developing:

Does your company spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for audits?

Essential reports will help cut down on time spent searching for forms by being able to easily filter down to the relevant forms requested by regulators. Reports can be downloaded as CSV or Excel documents for easy dissemination to auditors.

Do your admins spend too much time gathering data about trucks and their loads?

Our reporting is built to surface the most commonly sought-after data points in an easy to consume fashion, dramatically reducing the amount of touch points needed to find key data.

Does your management have trouble keeping tabs on operations because of a lack of accessible data?

We provide high-level visualizations complete with an array of filters to facilitate a quick review of operations and management by exception.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! The eManifest Essentials package will be released next week (week of March 15th) for all existing eManifest clients. For users of our other forms, we are hard at work getting packages built focusing on our BC Movement document and Non-Regulated form. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting news about Payload’s reporting and analytics!

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