Enterprise Data Sharing – changing the way we access data

By Payload • November 4, 2020

Companies today face the challenge of connecting various software products as part of their technology ecosystem.  Traditionally, this has been done through application level integration and file-based data exports to pass data from one system to the next.  The application level integration requires strong core development capabilities within the organization. When used for the purpose of data integration between two systems, this is often only the precursor to additional data shaping for ingestion to a customer’s data lake.  File exports are similar, and while this is a simpler form of integration that many companies use even today – this approach suffers from security concerns and is typically manual in nature or requires additional integration scripts to be effective.

Where does this leave us for a cost effective, reliable, and secure means to exchange data between departments or different companies?

Data sharing has become an attractive option for doing just this, by using secure views to expose the appropriate data to a company’s partners and customers.  This can be achieved using a traditional approach of exposing part of your data warehouse through integration views and the support and oversight this comes with.  Today there are simpler, safer and more cost effective solutions to achieving this integration through cloud data warehouses.

There are several excellent cloud data warehouse options out there, however the high standards of our customers in scalability and security demand the kind of requirements that best fit Snowflake.  A key advantage in choosing this platform is the built-in capability to provide data sharing to other customers.  With cloud-based data warehouses such as Snowflake, you gain a means of exposing data in a secure manner, based on the integration, while avoiding much of the traditional integration headaches.  It enables our customers to ingest all of their data into a data lake or data warehouse of their own or just use Payload as a source of truth for their field operations data as needed.  This can be done in as simple a manner as using a database connection to leverage existing BI tools such as Power BI – leaving the customer to simply connect and query their data on their own terms.

Enterprise data sharing is about finding a robust solution to enable secure, scalable, and maintainable data sharing both within and outside the organization.  This type of solution should be easy to access and provide a scalable reporting option without the need for unsecure file drops or complex ETL/ELT based data ingestion.  Look around at the options and be sure to consider this as a key requirement for your field ticketing software provider so you too can benefit from data sharing!

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