PAYLOAD Carrier digital bill of lading (BOL) – how it works

By Payload • September 6, 2022

Carriers looking to streamline order to invoice transportation logistics now have one more reason to consider PAYLOAD. Fully digital bill of lading (BOL) is now available in PAYLOAD Carrier.

Why does a digital BOL matter to carriers? Faster payment.

On top of reducing the time spent managing and tracking orders and field tickets, tracking down bill of lading paperwork can delay verifying the work is done and getting the invoice out. Bottom line, having BOL data faster reduces days to invoice (DTI) and days sales are outstanding (DSO) which means getting paid sooner.  

Just like having drivers accept orders and complete tickets using PAYLOAD’s mobile app, the new digital BOL submission reduces the data entry hassle or error risk with drivers. 

For carriers, that means you get the carrier BOL data faster, having everything in hand for accurate timely billing.

What’s the payback of using PAYLOAD Carrier:

  • 1 hour/day time savings for drivers with paperless process (based on 4 trips/day)
  • 30% faster accurate invoice prep, yielding faster payment (shorter DSO)
  • 100% visibility of asset tracking and work completed

How does the new Carrier BOL work?

For anyone already using Carrier, the digital BOL just enhances the data captured when the driver completes the field ticket on the mobile app. 

Capturing BOL data with Carrier eliminates the paperwork burden on drivers and gives your administrators better and faster data visibility to streamline reconciliation and invoicing.

PAYLOAD Carrier and digital BOL how it works

Here’s what drivers see – a simple screen to capture complete BOL data:

PAYLOAD Carrier mobile app for trucking logistics now with digital bill of lading (BOL)

Simplify transport logistics and reduce driver paperwork

Why are so many carriers adopting trucking logistics software? For cost savings, efficiency gains and visibility and control. 

If you want to evaluate how Carrier could benefit your trucking operations, please contact us.

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