PAYLOAD Ticket: oil and gas field tickets software with digital AER

By Payload • January 23, 2023

Producers looking to reduce the administrative effort of managing field tickets and chasing down AER paperwork now have one more reason to consider PAYLOAD. AER forms are now digital.

Why does a digital manifest matter for producers? More foolproof compliance.

Your most reliable, safest transport vendors aren’t always the best at not losing paperwork. With PAYLOAD Ticket, producers are now in control of AER manifest accuracy, autofilling key information, with the driver completing forms on their mobile device and submitting them digitally. 

For DOW shipments, add AER details such as waste type in PAYLOAD Ticket

Just like having drivers accept orders and complete tickets and digital BOL using PAYLOAD’s mobile app, digital AER forms reduce the data entry hassle and error risk with drivers.

One key problem we’ve helped solve is to enable drivers to auto-generate regulatory forms while working at unmanned sites.

Better yet, you don’t need an operator on site when a driver picks up a load. The AER accepts a virtual copy for all DOW shipments. 

Already a PAYLOAD Ticket customer? Let us get you using digital AER right away, contact your account manager. 

What’s the payback of going digital with oil and gas field tickets?

PAYLOAD Ticket provides a complete solution to digitize field tickets and shipping manifests within one application that works on mobile for drivers. By connecting the field to the office in real-time, producers gain greater visibility into their entire transport and manifest lifecycle, tracking product movement in a Live Map.

What’s the payback of using PAYLOAD Ticket?

  • Logistics staff spend 84% less time managing field tickets
  • HSE leaders spend 90% less time on auditing shipping manifests
  • Avoid fines and costly penalties of losing tickets or manifests in transit or delivery
  • Operators save an average of 5-8 hours per week with waste pick up at unmanned sites
  • Reconcile work orders and monitor “should costs” with actuals.

PAYLOAD's oil and gas field tickets software now comes with digital AER to give you full visibility into your trucking operations

What’s coming next for PAYLOAD Ticket?

Next up for PAYLOAD Ticket is Digital TDG coming this quarter. 

And as regulations shift, we always have you covered, including with recent changes to AER Directive 058 safe handling, treatment, reuse, and disposal of the upstream petroleum industry’s oilfield waste.

Simplify field tickets and never lose another AER manifest

Why are so many producers going digital with oil and gas field tickets software? For cost savings, efficiency gains, visibility and compliance certainty. 

We’d welcome learning about your transport needs. Please contact us.

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