Regulatory manifests. Made easy.

By Payload • September 10, 2020

How many hours do you spend managing, reconciling, and interpreting regulatory manifests?

Payload eManifest is a software that automates waste manifest documentation. It makes it incredibly simple for waste producers to be compliant with federal and provincial regulations governing waste manifest documentation. It also helps them reduce paperwork, eliminate unnecessary costs and save time in the process.

Payload software remains focused on helping companies reduce manual processes and paperwork while improving visibility and control over field operations.

Since Payload was founded, we’ve spent untold hours in conversations with people at all levels of oil & gas companies, their service providers and industry observers. We keep hearing that reducing paperwork and non-productive time is essential.

The real question is how do we get there from here?

The answer lies in digging deep into what drives success for the different players – from head office to the field. Understanding the tools and applications they’re using to do their jobs, and how records are kept and accessed. Rethinking communications amongst head office, the field, and service providers and solving problems that paper based manual processes can’t. Things like ensuring the accurate classification of waste streams, maintaining compliance without arduous administrative work and streamlining regulatory reporting functions.

Payload eManifest is part of the solution to that puzzle.

eManifest saves time and money by creating efficiencies such as automated regulatory reporting, the ability for Treatment, Recovery and Disposal facilities (TRDs) to access manifests before the driver arrives on site, creating one manifest and then duplicating the others so you don’t have to write them over and over.

The challenge of an interconnected global economy is competitiveness. Companies need to start thinking of ways to update themselves, create value and stay relevant.Technology has made it easier for us to reconcile and audit the work in the field.

Visit our eManifest home page to see how we’re improving the management of regulatory manifests for Producers and Service Providers with easy-to-use digital technology.

Payload is a brand built on innovation and creating value. Let us show you how we can save you time and money!