Streamlining Approvals with Built-in Accounting Codes.

By Payload • August 7, 2021

An essential part of the field ticketing process is properly applying costs to the relevant accounting codes. If you’ve had to apply costs to tickets before you likely know the pain; having to look at multiple systems or sources to gather the required information before manually attributing costs to the right codes. PAYLOAD eTicket replaces that time consuming, manual process with a streamlined system that stores all your cost and accounting information in one central hub AND provides the functionality to process field tickets through their entire lifecycle.

Our eTicket platform builds all your GL codes, AFEs, and Cost Centres into the backend and pulls them in automatically when approving based on information supplied by the work order and field ticket. The system can even be customized to add in data points specific to your company, like Budget Entities for example. No more referencing giant excel sheets, or accessing another system, or requiring your carriers to know your costing information. Increase control of this process and save admin time while doing it! An added benefit is the accuracy of your approved tickets and invoices will increase dramatically, allowing your admins to manage by exception instead of inspecting every field ticket and invoice that comes to their inbox.

The paper process typically goes as such: Carriers submit invoices that were generated from paper field tickets to clients one at a time. Producer admins manually verify the accuracy of each invoice, then go through their multi-system process to apply the proper coding. Admins can then upload to their internal ERP to conclude the process. As you can see from this high-level overview of the process there are many systems and significant manual effort involved. Freeing up employees to do other value add work is one of the stated goals of our software, so let me walk you through how the process would look with PAYLOAD eTicket:

  • Field tickets are completed by drivers as they complete their work in the field.
  • Carrier admins verify work done and cost the field tickets.
  • Carrier admins bundle like field tickets together into a ‘Master Ticket’ which they send to you, the producer, for approval.
  • You also verify work done and costs, and when validated, can approve the Master Ticket.
  • During approval you can simply confirm the automatically applied GL code and cost centers/AFEs or change/add as needed. There is even an option to split between several accounting codes by a percentage entered by you.
  • After approval you can generate an invoice and upload to your ERP.


Using the above process brings your approval time down from minutes to seconds per Master Ticket, which don’t forget typically represents many related field tickets. This would dramatically decrease the overall admin time needed to manage your field tickets and approvals. That on top of the other cost savings and efficiencies found with PAYLOAD eTicket leads to a leaner, more efficient trucking logistics operation. This doesn’t even consider the data and analytics benefits of having all of your cost data tied in one system to all the trucking data. You can break down costs by service provided, carrier, individual sites or codes, or shine light on historically murky areas such as non-productive time and accessorial charges, and so much more! PAYLOAD eTicket comes with a full suite of 15 ‘Essential’ reports and a KPI dashboard so you can have unprecedented insight into your business from Day 1 on our system.

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