The Benefits of Digital Logistics

By Payload • January 26, 2021

Moving from a well-known paper-based process to a digital one is not as much effort as you might think. Not only do most well-designed digital platforms put a customer’s user experience at the forefront of their software design, they also invest time and money into their customer experience and onboarding strategies.  Moreover, the benefits you will realize from moving to a digital platform are well worth it.

A 2021 article from Iron Mountain titled 5 Benefits of Going Paperless in the Workplace points out that “The average office worker still uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, or a stack about 3 ½ feet tall. In fact, if you stacked up all the paper used by U.S. businesses every year, the pile would reach halfway to the moon”.  Changes in traditional workplace norms due to an ongoing focus on increasing the efficacy of business processes, and now a global pandemic, means a digital solution is a logical answer, and it comes with many benefits.

Let’s take a look at the Oil and Gas industry—with its bill of ladings (BOL’s), regulatory manifests, invoices, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Production Accounting reports, and more—where different departments require different information from the same process.  When this process is paper-based it becomes overly complicated, but with a digital solution this process improves significantly. Instead of passing the paper document around or entering every piece of data into an excel document, departments can access the data in app and that data can integrate with other digital platforms like production accounting or business analytics.

What are some additional benefits of digital? 

We are glad you asked.

While there are many benefits to consider, we will try to limit the response to less than 3 ½ feet.

Visibility.  Using a digital application such as Payload’s eTicket and eManifest solutions provides insights into your business that you wouldn’t get without significant time and effort in manual paper-based processes. With a few clicks, you can track volumes of product moved, see what trucks are in the field via the Live Map, and know what was paid, when it was paid, and to whom within seconds. Not to mention a full audit trail right in the app and transparency into wait times and vendor accessorial costs.

Reporting: Companies are empowered to make informed business decisions with key insights formed through mass data collection. The data can be structured to measure things like key performance indicators or cost per cube. All of this is accessible with a click.

Easy Access. Use of digital tools and applications allow users to quickly and efficiently access information. Furthermore, accessing digital information introduces the ability to sort, filter, and share.  No more searching through loose documents or waiting on couriers.  It also means access to data which can provide valuable insights.

Reduces Clutter. If 10,000 sheets of paper is the average annual usage for an office employee and that employee works 5 days a week for 49 weeks of the year, this equates to approximately 41 pages per day. Going digital helps to mitigate messy desks, papercuts, and coffee stains and what an environmental benefit!

Collaboration. Let’s face it, paper has its limitations. Digital information can be accessed by one or many, streamlining communication between the field and the office.  In-app communication allows Producer administrators to correspond with Service Company administrators to reduce processing time. It also allows you to attach key relevant documents to each order, providing quick access to documents like SDS or Road Use Agreements.

“Money, Money, Money, Money”. In addition to better visibility into the overall business, digital enables significant cost savings too. First, service companies can expect faster turn-around on payment and the dispute process is minimized.  Second, the cost of stationary is greatly reduced. Third, producer companies are able to quickly reconcile cuts, financials, and track accounts receivables and payables, as information is centralized and easily managed.  Workflows are optimized and the accuracy of field ticket data captured reduces the time and effort spent reconciling and managing disputes, saving both time and money.

Training: Proper waste classification can be an issue with new and sometimes existing staff. A digital platform like Payload eManifest has built in waste codes, along with generator and receiver locations and forms that mirror their paper counter parts so onboarding is easy.

How are these relevant to Oil and Gas?

Payload’s mobile and web applications provide a myriad of advantages to an organization, from the field to the office.  Digital field tickets allow drivers to capture information that is then simultaneously available to both producer and service company.  Our Live Map gives dispatchers and coordinators peace of mind as assets and personnel can be easily tracked.  Master Tickets package one or many field tickets that have been reviewed and approved and put them into the hands of approvers within seconds of completion.  What’s better, if there are amendments to be made, communication can be made through the application within the Master Ticket itself resulting in a quick reconciliation and a drastically reduced dispute process.

Whether you are looking to gain organizational efficiencies, optimize workflows, or simply get out from under piles of paperwork, the benefits of moving to digital far outweigh any benefits that can be found with paper alone.

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