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The challenge
with field tickets

Many companies are facing operational challenges by working with outdated systems and practices. Field tickets, in particular, are one area presenting businesses with inefficiencies such as:

Long reconciliation cycles.
Locating missing tickets.
Reconciling work completed with work called out.
Transparency of work order.
Missing key information.

Digitally capture the work you call out making it easy to manage compliance, create efficiencies, and save money.

The paper field ticketing process is costly and an administrative hassle to manage and report on. PAYLOAD makes it easy! An easy-to-use cloud-based solution to digitizing your logistics, we save you money by giving you visibility and transparency with real-time data.

Reduction in time spent managing your field ticket process.
Reduction in time it takes to complete a field ticket.

How do you do

Create Transparency

By digitizing the field ticketing process.

Gain Insights

By trending and forecasting operations.

Build Automation and Efficiencies

By leveraging the data PAYLOAD collects, you can implement changes that create efficiencies that save you time and money.

How Payload Ticket works

Step 1: Order
  • Generate Orders and attach relevant supporting documents such as SDS and Road Use Agreements.
  • Assign the Order to vendors through the client Web App.
  • Your vendors assign Orders to drivers through the vendor Web App.
Step 2: Track
  • Track the status of your field tickets in real time using the Live Map.
  • Monitor total project expenses.
  • Use the audit trail to confirm and review activity on each Order.
  • Track your product.
Step 3: Verify
  • Reconcile the work you ordered with the work completed.
  • Verify costs, volumes and wait times in real-time.
  • Approve or dispute work completed online, significantly reducing invoicing and admin time
Step 4: Report
  • Auditable reporting on transactional activity.
  • Assess your vendor performance.
  • Compare “should” costs with “actual” costs.
  • Identify inefficiencies and non-compliance.
  • Build reports to automate regulatory reporting.
  • Integrate into your accounting systems.


Cost Reductions
  • Reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT).
  • Reduce penalties and fines.
  • Complete transparency into work completed.
  • Less time spent managing accruals and manual entry errors.
  • Reduce wait time budgets.
  • Simplified dispute process.
Predictive Management
  • Trend and forecast your field operations.
  • Use data gathered to contribute to carbon footprint calculations and reporting.
  • Real-time insights from daily to annual business activity, creating optimized workflows.
  • Faster vendor payment.
Corporate Sustainability
  • Industry compliance with a complete audit trail.
  • Improved Health, Safety and Environmental standards with real-time alerts and issue reporting.
  • Auditing made easy. Quick access to tickets already processed.
  • Increased stakeholder corporate sustainability awareness.
  • Mitigate increasing carbon tax costs.

PAYLOAD makes managing my operations so much more effective. It puts me way ahead of the old process having real time data at my fingertips

Senior logistics manager


Driving change in energy.

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