Carrier reporting.

By Payload • March 3, 2021

One of the biggest challenges service companies have is access to complete and accurate reporting that helps inform business decisions and supports managing their relationships with the companies they serve. Working with a number of service vendor companies, PAYLOAD created a suite of fixed and configurable reports specifically designed to add value to service providers across the oilfield ecosystem.

PAYLOAD’s Vendor Essentials report package tailors data for this previously underserved group, increasing visibility into operations through data and analytics. These reports are available to all current and future service companies using the PAYLOAD eTicket product. Combined with the existing Daily Ticket report, service companies on the PAYLOAD platform will have a significant data edge over their competitors who are not on PAYLOAD!

There are three reports in the Vendor Essentials reporting package that provide access to an array of transactional data points and PAYLOAD-built analytics. These are the Disputed Master Tickets, Field Tickets by Driver, and Outlier Field Tickets reports. We will dive into the details of these reports later in this post, but first we want to clear up some terminology, so everyone is on the same page. As you can see from the report names there are two types of tickets involved in the PAYLOAD process: Field Tickets and Master Tickets. Field Tickets are analogous to truck tickets, basically a record of what happened for a particular trip. A Master Ticket has many benefits, some of which are outlined in our The Master Ticket blog post, but at its simplest form, it is a bundle of related Field Tickets. For example, if there were five emulsion loads taken from the same site in one day, those five Field Tickets could be grouped and submitted as one Master Ticket, streamlining the approval process.

Data is visualized using various graphs, charts, KPIs, and tables, as you will see below. Below is a more detailed look at the Vendor Essentials reporting package:

  1. Disputed Master Tickets – a summary of disputed master tickets, the reasons for said disputes, the users involved, and more. The purpose behind this report is to allow service company managers to quantify the accuracy of the invoices being sent to their clients and generally gain greater visibility into the dispute process.


  1. Field Tickets by Driver – provides a trend and forecast of revenue and volumes moved over time, along with a breakdown by driver of revenue and transactions. This report is designed to give a decision-maker, whether that is a dispatcher or C-suite user, a high-level snapshot of operations broken down in a way that makes sense to the business, enabling data-driven decision-making.

.     .


  1. Outlier Field Tickets – this report is analytics driven. It takes a look at field tickets in a user-specified time period and determines an average for the metrics in question, then compares all the field tickets individually to said average. In this way the report can inform users of tickets that are outside the norm, a.k.a outliers, in either elapsed time, GPS coordinate capture, or cost, so they can ask the right questions to the right people before submission to clients.


Stay tuned to this blog for more posts about our upcoming releases, including a reporting suite for our eManifest product users and Essential reports aimed at Producers. Contact us at for more details.

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