What’s next? Digital TDGs of course!

By Payload • November 6, 2020

Serving as the governing regulation that sets standards and provides oversight for the transport, movement, and handling of dangerous goods, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Program (or “TDG”) was built to mitigate risk and promote safety across Canada.

The process, however, of handling, receiving, and transporting dangerous goods could use some amending.  The traditional paper process of managing TDGs, while tested, is not perfect, and has provided the impetus for organizations, as well as Transport Canada to look for better solutions.  Paper poses a significant risk! It can be easily lost, destroyed or damaged and it is subject to being received by the necessary entities only as quickly as the individual possessing it.

Combined with a global pandemic, the need for social distancing measures and processes that limit human interaction, finding digital solutions to manual paper-based processes has become paramount.

And there are lots of benefits!

In addition to risk mitigation, digital solutions provide easier tracking, quicker turn-around, and broad insights. Digital TDGs also allow generators, consignors, and receivers the means for all to see the same document in near real-time.  By adopting a digital TDG, reporting becomes easier with information just a click away; movement documents and their information are indexed, can be accessed from almost anywhere, and provide key analytics.

Digital TDG forms also provide a safer process.  One of the goals of Transport Canada’s sandbox project is providing emergency responders with critical information as soon as possible.  Having movement documents for dangerous goods accessible to emergency services, Transport Canada, as well as the organizations handling and moving dangerous material allow for access to information wouldn’t have previously been available as easily.

Since its inception, Payload has provided a digital platform for Oil and Gas producers, service companies, as well as TRDs to make smarter business decisions, faster.  From the field ticket (or digital bill of lading) to digital AER and TDG forms, Payload has been working with industry leaders and forward thinkers to provide better solutions.  Payload eManifest provides the digital means to allow organizations to step into the digital age, as well as make it easier to comply with changing standards and practices.

Transport Canada’s sandbox project is the wake-up call that has Oil and Gas Producers asking questions, and Payload is here to answer.

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