Whitepaper: Reducing the lifecycle duration of manifests through technology to improve efficiency, provide transparency, and increase compliance

By Payload • January 26, 2022

Companies, especially those facing downward economic pressures like in Oil and Gas, are looking to convert manual paper-based processes to digital ones for the benefits of lowering costs and improving the efficiency and efficacy of their day-to-day business activities. An area needing digitization is the tracking and reporting of hazardous/dangerous waste, which has been a government requirement for nearly 30 years.

The major issue shared by Generators (Consignors) is the significant lag time from when a manifest is sent with a driver to when they get the reconciled form back from Receivers (Consignees).  Using PAYLOAD’s (PL) Manifest system, we analyzed data captured in almost 4,000 manifests created in 2021 to compare the digital reconciliation time to that of the existing paper process and look at the intrinsic and complimentary benefits of implementing PLManifest.

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