Why does the trucking industry need to evolve?

By Payload • September 27, 2021

Consider This…

In the Oil and Gas industry, change is hard to come by, and the same can be said of its respective logistics operations. A bustling industry often moving faster than the modes of transport that use it, logistics—ironically enough—can be slow to change. The adages go “people are creatures of habit” and “people are afraid of change”; both of which apply to Oil and Gas logistics. Personnel in these operations—be it behind the wheel or a desk—have come to rely on pen and paper. To them, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. The workflows they perform have been tried and tested and are hard habits to break. Regulation and “red tape” also can hinder the progress and progression of this industry. As governments and agencies work to maintain the established order of processes that allow for and effectively document the safe transit of Oil and Gas products across Canada, they have inadvertently instituted workflows that can be cumbersome and often add more complexity than is necessary.

Your concerns are valid.

When it comes to shifting a business from paper to digital solutions, there is often trepidation experienced by management and other decision makers within an organization. Fearing a new process, especially in light of government instruction is an understandable response to digital solutions.  Nevertheless, transitioning to a process that utilizes digitization and digitalization are much easier than one may think, and some methods already having been “blessed” by authorities like Transport Canada (TC).


Technology to the rescue!

Most well-designed digital platforms put customer experience at the forefront of software design, as they invest significant time and resources into usability and onboarding strategies. Further, digital software in today’s “right now” consumer services driven market almost demand new technologies be easy to use, learn, and implement. Digital solutions are also offered in a variety of sizes and capabilities which can be tailored to meet the needs of organizations, with as few as twenty employees up to organizations with as many as thousands of employees, or more. New adopters of digital solutions also stand to gain from the competitiveness in the technology sector. A 2020 McKinsey and Company article titled “How COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point—and transformed business forever” said it best; “Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at both the organizational and industry levels”. Put simply, digital can be easy.


Payload Technologies is an easy-to-use digital solution, revolutionizing Oil and Gas Logistics. Exploiting the benefits of digitalization and digitization, Payload has been able to successfully mirror paper-based processes and has brought them into the digital age. Drivers use the Payload Mobile application to record their trips on digital “field tickets” which guide users through a succinct workflow that captures location information, volumetric information, attachments, and more. In the office, administrators, coordinators, Production Accountants, and others use Payload’s web application to review, cost, and approve tickets for payment.

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